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SiLC Technologies Raises $17M Series A Funding Round to Advance Machine Vision Applications
Developer of Industry’s First Integrated FMCW Imaging Chip on Track to Revolutionize 3D Sensing Market 

MONROVIA, Calif., May 24, 2021 – Machine vision innovator SiLC Technologies, Inc., today announced a $17 million Series A funding round led by Alter Venture Partners and Dell Technologies Capital with additional participation from Fluxunit – OSRAM Ventures, Sony Innovation Fund by IGV*, Epson, UMC Capital, Yamato Holdings and Global Brain. Following a $12 million seed round in 2020, the new financing brings SiLC’s total funding to over $30 million. The additional financing will be used to expand SiLC’s operations, accelerate product development and gain additional production design wins – all in preparation for pre-production and product launch activities.

Over the last year, SiLC has provided development systems to customers that are at the forefront of their respective market segments, including mobility, industrial machine vision, robotics, augmented reality, and consumer applications. The new funds will help further customer traction and support bringing these products to market.

Currently being readied for broad deployment, SiLC’s advanced, production-ready 4D+ Vision Chip offers best-in-class performance metrics across range, resolution and accuracy for LiDARs. The 4D+ Vision Chip accomplishes this in a much smaller footprint and on an already proven scalable manufacturing platform.  Additionally, it is the only solution on the market adding critical vector measurements including velocity, light polarization, and reflectivity. The additional information derived from this data provides context and greatly improves perception of the environment, a breakthrough that has wide-ranging applications for autonomous vehicles, biometrics and security, robotics, and more.

“Image processing capabilities of AI systems remain vastly inferior to those of humans, despite the use of massive computing power and high-resolution camera sensors,” said Mehdi Asghari, founder and CEO, SiLC. “The key difference is that our visual cognition is based on far more information than traditional image sensors. Our 4D+ vision sensors provide critical additional data and cues needed for efficient machine image processing and visual cognition much like the human eye does to the brain. The quality of investors we have attracted underscores the transformative potential of SiLC’s unique technology. This latest funding round will be critical as we continue on our journey towards revolutionizing the 3D sensor market.”

Investors Speak Out on SiLC

• "SiLC has differentiated itself by being the only company to date that has successfully integrated an FMCW imaging system on a cost-effective silicon platform, giving them huge potential in the large, fast-growing imaging market,” said Daniel Docter, managing director, Dell Technologies Capital. "SiLC’s approach is the only viable one for the large-scale adoption needed to advance the state of robotics, autonomous vehicles, biometrics, security, and more.”

• “We are focused on advancing our position at the forefront of LiDAR technology, and thus understand the impact of SILC’s approach will have to enable human-like perception across autonomous driving, robotics, smart cameras and beyond,” noted Sebastian Stamm, principal at Fluxunit – OSRAM Ventures. “We are impressed by the team’s accomplishments in silicon photonics and the unprecedented level of integration and scalability of their FMCW chip, which will be key for broad adoption of coherent 3D sensing.” \
• “We believe that companies with strong core technologies can be market disruptors,” noted Louis Toth, managing partner, Alter Venture Partners. “The prior entrepreneurial successes of the SiLC executive team coupled with deep engineering expertise in optics, semiconductor design, networking, and embedded application software development will enable the company to overcome hard technical limitations that have previously plagued imaging, opening doors to a new era of smart automation.”

• “Building on its silicon photonics expertise, the SiLC team takes an innovative, fully solid-state approach to LiDAR. Its FMCW solution makes autonomy safer in various environments thanks to its long-range and high-resolution sensing,” said Gen Tsuchikawa, chief investment manager for Sony Innovation Fund (SIF) and CEO and chief investment officer for Innovation Growth Ventures (IGV). “Our investment in SiLC further expands our Mobility portfolio, and we look forward to SiLC growing its business across the automotive, robotics and industrial markets.”

• “SiLC’s technology is a game changer, their solution enables legacy based LiDAR’s transition towards FMCW, their highly integrated solution enables scalability and shrink-ability and at scale” said Kris Peng, president at UMC Capital. “SiLC has the potential to usher in a new era of white box AI which can measure full motion of all objects without any training data nor HD map taking away the guess work required for existing solutions.”

Founded in 2018 by a team with more than 25 years of experience in photonics, SiLC has developed a significant body of intellectual property, as well as a proprietary process for manufacturing high-performance optical components at large scale. The result is the creation of the industry's first and only fully integrated FMCW 4D imaging chip – a significant step forward in the quest to make machine vision more like human vision.

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About Alter Venture Partners
Alter Venture Partners is an early-stage venture capital fund that partners with dynamic entrepreneurs who are passionate about solving challenging problems with innovative technology. Alter was founded by experienced operating executives and investment professionals from Telefonica, Comcast Ventures, Singtel Innov8, and Credit Suisse.  In addition to capital, Alter provides strategic insights, industry knowledge, operating experience, and an extensive global network of contacts to its portfolio companies. The fund’s focus areas include networking, mobility, cloud, data, ML/AI, and cyber security. Alter has offices in San Francisco and Lisbon. Additional information on the fund can be found at

About Dell Technologies Capital
The Dell Technologies Capital investment team is comprised of company builders with the mission of helping founders and their teams develop innovative technology solutions and bring them to market. They are active investors, sustaining an investment pace of approximately $150 million a year.  As the global investment practice for the Dell Technologies family of businesses (Dell, Dell EMC, Pivotal, RSA, SecureWorks, Virtustream and VMware), Dell Technologies Capital offers deep business and technical expertise and unparalleled go-to-market assistance to our portfolio companies. After operating in stealth for five years, the venture practice emerged publicly in 2017.  Headquartered in Palo Alto, Calif., Dell Technologies Capital currently has offices in Boston, Austin and Herzliya, Israel. For more information visit

About SiLC Technologies
On a mission to enable machines to see like humans, SiLC Technologies is bringing forth its deep expertise in silicon photonics to advance market deployment of coherent 4D imaging solutions. The company’s breakthrough chip integrates all photonics functions needed to enable a coherent 4D vision sensor offering a tiny footprint while addressing the need for low cost and low power. Demonstrations have shown a range beyond 300 meters and are applicable to a wide range of applications. 
Founded in 2018 by silicon photonics industry veterans with decades of commercial product development and manufacturing experience, SiLC uses a proprietary silicon-based semiconductor fabrication process to manufacture its chips and standard, automated IC style assembly processes, enabling robust, cost-effective and compact solutions.


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SiLC Technologies Recognized by Frost & Sullivan for Technology Innovation in 3D/4D Imaging Industry
SiLC's Proprietary Silicon Photonics Integration Solution Slated to Disrupt the Global LiDAR Market

MONROVIA, Calif., July 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- SiLC Technologies, Inc., (SiLC), the leading developer of integrated single-chip FMCW LiDAR solutions, today announced that Frost & Sullivan, the prestigious market research firm, has selected the company for its 2020 North American 3D/4D LiDAR Imaging Industry Technology Innovation Award. This recognition comes on the heels of SiLC being selected by EETimes as one of the emerging silicon startups to watch worldwide. According to the Frost & Sullivan report, SiLC's proprietary 4D LIDAR chip is ideally positioned to disrupt the global LIDAR market due to its unique capabilities with broad applications, including autonomous vehicles, machine vision, and augmented reality.

"We're delighted by this recognition and greatly appreciate the depth and quality of Frost & Sullivan's analysis of SiLC's breakthrough Smart 4D Vision Sensor technology," said Mehdi Asghari, CEO of SiLC Technologies. "We also appreciate that Frost & Sullivan highlighted the breadth of our technology, which has the potential to replace ToF-based LiDAR sensors used in applications from automotive advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and self-driving autonomous vehicles to augmented reality, security, and industrial machine vision."

Each year, Frost & Sullivan embarks on a rigorous selection and benchmarking process for its technology innovation leadership awards and recognizes companies that lead the development and successful introduction of high-tech solutions to customers' most pressing needs. 

"With the growing demand for LiDAR solutions across emerging applications and industry trends, such as autonomous vehicles and Industry 4.0, SiLC Technologies is poised to emerge as a forerunner in FMCW-based LiDAR solutions," said Frost & Sullivan's Varun Babu, Industry Analyst, TechVision. Furthermore, the firm's Best Practices research group reports that SiLC Technologies' Smart Vision is expected to disrupt the global LiDAR market in the next three to five years by providing in-depth, detailed information about objects in many user environments.

The report states, "SiLC Technologies' proprietary silicon photonic 4D chip-scale imaging platform manufactured utilizing CMOS fabrication infrastructure is likely to be a game-changer. SiLC's plan to adopt a semiconductor business model to make its solutions widely available to many end users and developers across a broad range of applications and markets should enable aggregate volume scaling beyond what any single player could enable and hence offer cost points that would otherwise not be possible. Furthermore, SiLC's solution has already demonstrated long-range (>300m) and high resolution. This added to its integrated approach enabling compact footprint, low power dissipation, and solid-state reliability is likely to offer a platform that could be capable of ubiquitous deployment."

Frost & Sullivan's market research forecasts, "The global market for CMOS image sensors will approach about $30 billion over the next few years, positioning SiLC Technologies, with its recent release of high-performance 4D+ Vision Chip, to achieve optimum growth in the near future."

Frost & Sullivan concludes, "SiLC Technologies' patent-protected technology and broad customer engagements should provide it with vast growth opportunities to build a global footprint over the long term. As a pioneering market participant, the company's positioning and marketing strategy for its production-scalable technology will allow it to capture significant market share in the coming years."

SiLC's silicon photonics integration platform offers a cost-effective solution by integrating all the high-performance components needed into a single silicon chip through mature semiconductor fabrication processes offering a low cost, compact, and low power solution.

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SiLC and Varroc Lighting Systems to Demonstrate Seamless Integration of LiDAR in Production Headlamp at CES 2020
SiLC also will demonstrate a 200+ meter LiDAR scan based on its second-generation FMCW silicon photonics 4D+ Vision Chip

Monrovia, Calif. and Plymouth, Mich., December 5, 2019 - SiLC Technologies, Inc., (SiLC), the leading provider of integrated single-chip FMCW LiDAR solutions, and Varroc Lighting Systems, a leading global supplier of innovative exterior vehicle lighting systems and electronics, today announced they will demonstrate a seamless LiDAR integration into a production automotive headlamp at CES 2020.

Varroc Press Release picture final3.png

The Varroc Lighting Systems headlamp is based on a sophisticated production LED design and leverages four of SiLC’s silicon photonics FMCW vision chips providing a full 20 x 80-degree field of view (FOV) per headlamp. 

SiLC’s compact LiDAR chip architecture can be inconspicuously embedded anywhere on a vehicle for optimal vision and safety. SiLC’s 4D+ Vision Chip integrates all required functionality, such as a coherent light source and optical signal processing, to enable significant additional information to be extracted from the returning photons before their conversion to electrons. SiLC’s vision sensor can detect height, width, distance, reflectivity, velocity, and light polarization of objects. The coherent interferometric sensing approach improves achievable accuracy by orders of magnitude over existing technologies. SiLC’s 4D+ Vision Chip can detect low reflectance objects beyond 200 meters surrounding a vehicle, providing enough time for a vehicle to avoid an obstacle at highway speeds.

“Varroc Lighting Systems is proud to showcase a milestone in embedded automotive LiDAR with SiLC, a leader in LiDAR innovation,” said Todd Morgan, Senior Vice President of Product Development for Varroc Lighting Systems.  “We believe automotive lamps provide the optimum integration point for sensors at the four corners of the vehicle and at CES 2020 we are providing a glimpse into the future of automotive navigation combined with aesthetic design.”

“SiLC is excited to showcase its 4D+ Vision Chip at CES 2020 in partnership with Varroc Lighting Systems, and demonstrate the accuracy, range and elegance of embedded FMCW LiDAR in an automotive application,” said SiLC CEO Dr. Mehdi Asghari. “Our integrated LiDAR chip offers the most compact, cost-effective, eye-safe and accurate LiDAR solution available to meet autonomous vehicle safety and affordability requirements.”

SiLC also will demonstrate a 200+ meter LiDAR scan, showcasing the long range and accuracy of its 4D+ Vision Chip. 

The demonstrations will take place at SiLC’s Westgate Hotel penthouse suite from Tuesday, January 7 through Friday, January 10. 

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About SiLC Technologies
SiLC Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of highly integrated FMCW LiDAR solutions, located in Monrovia, Southern California. The company's initial focus is on integrated 4D+ vision sensors targeting a wide range of applications. Founded by a group of highly experienced industry veterans with over 20 years of commercial product development and manufacturing heritage, SiLC utilizes a proprietary silicon-based semiconductor fabrication process to manufacture its chips and standard, automated IC style assembly processes, enabling robust, cost-effective and compact solutions. Please visit us at

About Varroc Lighting Systems
Varroc Lighting Systems is a leading global supplier of innovative automobile and two-wheeler lighting solutions. Focused on safety, mobility and style, Varroc Lighting Systems brings leading-edge technology to the mainstream automotive market with high-quality and cost-competitive solutions. Headquartered in Plymouth, Michigan, U.S., the company has more than 8,000 employees worldwide with operations in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, and South America. Varroc Lighting Systems is a key member of the Varroc Group family of automotive components business. 

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