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4D Vision Solutions

Helping Machines See
Like Humans

The future of machine vision starts right here.

Bringing the Power of Velocity and Motion to Light

Our FMCW LiDAR chip is a 4D solution that enables vehicles, AI robots and other machines to have the data they need to classify objects. Whether long range or short range, SiLC technology provides high accuracy and high resolution.

Fueling the Future

The global economy is embracing smarter automation to reap the benefits of machines that have vision. At SiLC we’re on board with you to usher in a better tomorrow.

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Autonomous Mobility

ai senor chip on board

Security & Monitoring

Robotic Lidar - Orange robotic machines operating in a warehouse simulation

Industrial & AI Robotics

Pioneering Silicon Photonics

Our deep, rich heritage in analog and silicon photonics unifies us in our mission to enable machines to see like humans. Together our decades of experience set us apart to bring our significant body of intellectual property, and proprietary process for manufacturing high-performance optical components at large scale.

Lidar companies - SiLC team member

“Our deep, rich heritage in silicon photonics enables our mission to empower machines to see like humans. Our decades of experience and well-established manufacturing capability sets us decades apart from the rest of the players. SiLC brings a significant body of intellectual property and proprietary wafer fabrication process to enable manufacturing high-performance optical components at large scale."

Mehdi Asghari, Founder and CEO, SiLC

A Breakthrough Beyond LiDAR

Eyeonic 4D+ Vision Sensor

Our coherent FMCW LiDAR Vision Sensor takes LiDAR vision perception to a new level of performance. Harvesting immense levels of data from photons, Eyeonic is the foundation for the next generation of smart machines.

SiLC Eyeonic ai vision sensor