In an AI-driven world, the demand for machines to perceive and comprehend their surroundings, just as humans do, has never been more urgent.

Machine Vision Revolutionized

At SiLC Technologies we’re not just responding to this need – we’re leading the way. Our FMCW, LiDAR subsystems are pioneering a new era of human-like vision for machines. As a frontrunner in silicon photonics semiconductors, our expertise is both deep and field-proven. Our technology supports a vast range of applications where vision is crucial for delivering the kind of results that matter.

More Than Just LiDAR
SiLC Delivers Upon the Promise of Technology

For OEMs and systems integrators, we offer a suite of development kits built upon our Eyeonic Vision Sensor platform. From short range to ultra long range, our technology provides the ultimate in machine vision.

Short Range (SR)
Eyeonic Vision System

The new SR Eyeonic Vision System is optimized for ranges up to 50 meters. The SR version takes next generation robotics and AI industrial vision systems to a whole new level by providing accurate millimeter to sub-millimeter depth precision.
Applications: Ideal for AI machine vision tasks requiring high precision, such as pallet and truck loading or product inspection.

Medium Range (MR)
Eyeonic Vision System

The MR Eyeonic Vision System is optimized for ranges up to 150 meters. Offering dual polarization and instantaneous velocity in addition to 3D ranging. Featuring industry leading range precision.
Applications: Suited to home security and factory automation applications.

Long Range (LR)
Eyeonic Vision System

The LR Eyeonic Vision System is optimized for ranges up to 300 meters. Offering instantaneous velocity for rapid detection, classification and prediction of dynamic objects. Featuring industry leading range and velocity precision.
Targeted for applications ranging from ADAS, autonomous vehicles, outdoor industrial automation, smart infrastructure, and mapping.

Ultra Long Range (ULR)
Eyeonic Vision System

The ULR Eyeonic Vision System provides vision detection for ranges from 500 meters to beyond 1km. Featuring industry leading angular resolution, range and velocity precision.
Applications: Targeted for drone tracking, perimeter security and airplane ground control.

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