A New Era of Smarter

Industries are eagerly embracing robotic automation strategies. In order for machines to reach their full potential, a highly-tuned vision element is needed – and that is where we come in. Enabling machines to see more like humans brings forth infinite possibilities.

3D Vision Solutions

3D vision solutions, through LiDAR technology, are transforming our world – but their applications are limited due to cost and size, and mainly focused on automotive.

Reduce Essential Components

SiLC is the first company to reduce the essential components required for a coherent system into a single chip. This is done through a proprietary silicon-based semiconductor fabrication process and standard, automated IC style assembly processes, enabling robust, cost-effective and compact solutions.

Smarter Automation

As the only company to prove out full FMCW chip integration under the microscope, SiLC is opening the door for smarter automation in applications ranging from cars robotics to security, AR/VR and biometric scanning.

Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous Vehicles need to be able to detect a low reflectivity object, like a tire on the road, up to 300 m out in order to perform an adequate evasive maneuver. A high-resolution long-range LiDAR is essential for this market to develop.

Lidar sensors for Robotics Vehicles and Level 3/4/5 advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are expected to grow to a $13B market size by 2027*.

Biometrics & Security

3D face identification has transformed the mobile phone industry and is expected to change the way we check-in for flights, rent cars, or get money from ATMs.

This is expected to be a $14B market by 2024*.

Industrial & Robotics

Industrial & Robotics Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are expected to drive the next industrial revolution. These technologies rely on highly accurate data that require sophisticated vision sensors.

The industrial and commercial 3D sensor market is going to grow to $2B in size by 2023*.

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